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Using Animal Repellents

Hello Everyone,

This Morning I want to talk about animal repellents. An animal repellent is designed to be used as a safety product that can be helpful against harmful animals, including bears and aggressive dogs. Usually used against dogs, it is not all that uncommon to hear about many cases where people have been injured by dogs that are on the loose. If you want to be able to keep yourself safe from these situations, you need to be able to use a good animal repellent.

Repellents are usually used by mailmen, simply because they have the type of job that calls for them to go door to door and all around the streets. Mail carriers will have to make stops at lots of houses each day, with many people having dogs that guard the homes. Such a perfect storm can lead to bites when the mail carriers are simply doing their job.

Day to day citizens may also keep animal repellents with them to use while they are out on walks in the morning or evening to keep animals at bay. A lot of people will opt for repellents such as pepper spray or mace, which can impact breathing tissues in any animal and potentially incapacitate them for a short period of time. When they are stopped, you will have the time that you need to be able to get away safety.

Other repellents available on the market today, known as ultrasonic dog chasers, which can be very effective. This is an electronic device that emits sounds at 135 decibels, which is intolerable by dogs and other animals, but will not impact human ears. All you have to do is press the device button and the dog is directly targeted, putting out a sound that is high pitched and just right to frighten dogs easily so that you will have the time to get to a safe space.

When you are out in the wilderness camping, hiking or enjoying other outdoor activities, you could be in danger of encountering a bear or other dangerous animal. Animal repellents can be very effective against bears, including tough pepper sprays. Such spray repellents are best used when you are at about a 15 to 20 foot distance from the animal.

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