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Many people from police to civilians have tasers. Some of these people have been at the stinging end of the taser at one point or another in time. While most people know that it’s legal for law enforcement to use tasers, not everyone understands that civilians may also use tasers. Tasers are an ideal choice for self-defense and personal safety. Understanding what exactly stun guns and tasers are will help to determine which one should be owned and how to use them.

What Is A Taser?

First, it’s interesting to know that the word taser is actually an acronym for Thomas A. Swift Electric Rifle. There is also the Electronic control device or ECD that is also considered non-lethal. Most of these can be legally carried in the United States. Tasers have a trigger that when deployed will shoot probes to a person and this probe will deliver a pulse that will incapacitate a would-be attacker. At this point, the person’s sensory is overloaded as are their motor functions. Using modern technology, the neuromuscular incapacitation is done by disrupting the nervous system. In most cases, it will stop a would-be assailant.

Who Can Use A Taser?

As stated previously, both law enforcement and civilians can own and use tasers. There are various types of tasers and the kind that is owned will determine the cycle. An X26, for example, is a law enforcement model that uses take down power that is seldom seen. It is an integrated digital power source that will also use software upgrades. C2 tasers, on the other hand, are personal protectors and a top of the line civilian taser that is created to keep a person safe. With a 30-secpond charge relay, the user can quickly escape a would-be assailant.

What Are The Benefits?

Law enforcement officers use tasers to slow down a suspect that may be dangerous. This allows the law enforcement to stay a safe distance from the suspect and remain safe. Two probes can shoot up to 15 feet and send the energy through clothing that is up to 2 inches thick. This can stop a suspect before they can even reach the officer. It has helped keep law enforcement safe and reduces fatalities in dangerous situations.

Those who wish to be safe and in control may rely on a taser in order to stay safe. Tasers are ideal in many situations and they are an ideal choice for self-defense. Since they are only about six inches in size they fit well into pockets or purses and are an ideal item to carry when walking in a dangerous neighborhood or situation.

Just as any other self-defense weapon, there are some things that should be considered before choosing a taser.

1. Know how to use it safely and deploy it in an emergency situation.

2. Always keep your self-defense weapons out of the reach of children.

3. Remember, you can’t take a taser on an airplane unless it’s in your checked bag.

Always understand how to protect yourself from danger. Remember to remain vigilant in all situations and be aware of your own safety at all times.

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