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Store Update

Hello Everyone,

Wow, can you believe it is 17 January already? These two weeks have really flown by. I just wanted to update everyone on what is currently going on.

Our main store RAD Security Concepts will be getting a major upgrade soon as we update platforms. Once it is live my husband and I will continue to make change to it so that it better reflects what we are as a couple and a store.

There is a Army Ball next week as well where I will be sure to take the opportunity to update our “about us” photo so you know who we are.

Our eBay store is growing as well. We actually met and broke our opening sales goal from when we first opened the store almost 3 years ago. we upgrade from a standard store to a premium store (250 products to 1000) and we will be busy over the next few months adding new products. Mostly knives, stun guns, and pepper sprays.

We want to thank everyone for their continued support as we learn and grow together.

Please continue checking in with us and feel free to shoot us an email or reply on here if you have any questions or just want to show google we have friends and customers.

Thank you,

Ann & Robert

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