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Stay at Home Time

Good Morning,

Wow 2020 is sure turning out to be an interesting year. My husband and I hope everyone are staying safe and healthy. I have been busy setting up a field hospital at Century Link in Seattle Washington. My unit has been extremely busy and I am currently on duty doing 12 hour shifts 7 days a week right now. (hence my lack of posting) I am going to try and get my husband to start doing some posts in addition to his operating all sales and shipping aspects of our online stores. (he also unloads trucks at the base commissary)

He has been busy working on the back side of our new website design which is a learning challenge after he had just started to figure out the old design. But he will get it I am sure.

I have orders for a new assignment just before all this virus stuff started so we will be moving to another base sometime this summer when all the lock downs are lifted. I shouldn’t affect our store here though it may delay some shipping on our eBay store.

I Hope everyone stays safe and we look forward working with everyone. BE SAFE !

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