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Protecting Yourself In the 21st Century

There are roughly 13 million people, about 5% of the United States population, that become victims of crime each year. About 1.5 millions are victims of crimes that are violent, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If you happen to fall victim to crime, you can react in ways that you would otherwise never understand. While in the middle of a crime, it is normal to feel fearful, angry and helpless. After the crime, you could also have a difficult time relating to regular life experiences that would not normally pose a problem.

Stun Guns

A stun gun is a kind of battery powered, handheld or electrically charged device, designed to deliver a powerful electric shock that can stop and attacker. The stun gun has two prongs located at the end of the device, which will send an electrical current to an attacker when they touch them and you pill the trigger at the same time. The current can actually go through the clothing and into the body, making for an effective self-defense measure.

Using a high voltage along with low amperage, the stun gun impacts the neural and muscular systems of the body. Many stun guns work on milliamps, which can easily make it feel as though you are getting hit in your funny bone, yet times 10,000. This energy is dumped into the muscles with a high pulse frequency, making the muscles contract rapidly. The result is loss of energy that will make it hard for the attacker to function and move. There is also a great loss of balance and disorientation that will leave the attacker confused and passive.

Even contact of 1/4 of a second can startle and repel an attacker, causing intense pain and contraction of the muscles. At one or two seconds, you are inflicting intense pain along with a dazed mental state and muscle spasms. When you go over three seconds, there will be intense pain along with the loss of muscle control and balance, disorientation and muscle confusion. The aggressor will not be able to recover for at least several minutes, with some people being left unable to do much for upward of 15 minutes, which will give you plenty of time to run and get help.

Are Stun Guns Safe?

These are personal defense products that can be a safe, effective way to safeguard yourself against an attacker. They are not going to cause permanent damage and they are non-lethal in nature due to the voltage. Because a single amp can kill the average person, most of the stun guns will only deliver 3 milliamps or even less.

What If The Attacker Touches Me At The Same Time?

In the even that an attacker touches you during the time that you stun them, you will not be shocked by electricity passing to your body. Electrical currents such as this are absorbed into the muscles of the attacker, no matter what the conditions are. Even if the attacker is holding onto you, there is no possibility that the current will pass through to you.

Stun guns remain one of the top non-lethal products for self-defense that you will find on the market today. When used with pepper spray, you really have a one-two punch that can bring down even the most aggressive attacker.

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