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PM 2.5 Masks & Filters

Dust Filter Masks Black Military Army

Hello Everyone, 

With everything that has been going on with this virus we decided to do what we could to help. We have obtained some masks and filters for our eBay store. The first of 200 masks sold out in only 4 hours and 1000 filters sold in 10 hours. 

We have more coming however and we will provide the link here once they arrive. We only sell what we actually stock and we ship same day or next morning depending on the time of day we receive your order. 

As you can see from the picture we have black for those of us in uniform that are only allowed to wear black as well as a red one. (looks more burgundy to me) 

The masks are $12.95 each and come with 2 PM 2.5 filters. (free shipping) The filters come 2 to a pack and we list them 5 packs for 12.95 (10 filters). Also free shipping. 

Please stay safe and watch for the links. The next shipment is due in 28APR20 (209) and we have 50 on preorder from coworkers and family. So we expect to list around 150. We have more filters (2000) on the way as well but we do not yet have a delivery estimate. 

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