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PM 2.5 Masks & Filters update

Hello Again Everyone, 

We just finished packing last nights and this mornings packages for shipment. We actually make our mail run around noon-1300 so we may add more. We ship as soon as possible 6 days a week. 

We have a shipment of filters for the PM 2.5 masks already in our eBay store that are selling fast. We have another 1000 filters due in Saturday (though I expect more like Monday) so no fear about running out to soon if you haven’t ordered yet. 

Our shipment of masks that were due in last Monday the 27th are still missing in action and we are waiting to hear from the shipper. Another 300 (150 Red & 150 Black) just cleared customs in California and should be here next week, we hope. Another 400 are in transit with no current location known. That is a total of 900 masks. We will be listing 800 of those. 

Stay tuned for more updates. 

Chief A

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