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Pepper Spray

Hello again,

Today we are talking about pepper spray and how it is rated. Specifically how we have changed the WildFire Pepper Spray from 18% to 10% and yet it is still the same strength. One of the advantages of this is we can now ship to Michigan!

The first thing for you to understand about wholesale pepper spray products is what makes them effective. Most manufacturers use Scoville Heat Units (SHU) to indicate the strength of their spray. However, when you buy raw pepper you can buy it at any SHU you want.

To get you started, our brands, Pepper Shot and Wildfire, have been tested for MC. Not many have.

Our sprays are equal to or better than the major brands out there: Mace, Fox Labs and Sabre.

Pepper Shot is 1.2% and Wildfire is 1.4%. This makes Wildfire the most effective spray you or your customers can buy.

I know this seems to be a small percentage, but the FDA has said that 2% MC can cause permanent eye damage.

We don’t want that. That’s why you shouldn’t use bear spray on a person.

We hope you all have a safe day and are staying warm.

Ann & Robert

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