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Another kind of self-defense spray is called Mace. Mace requires no introduction. It carries with it a reputation that supersedes its ability to stop a would-be assailant. In fact, when it comes to self-defense, mace has a reputation all its own. Even the security world uses mace. A combination of both the CS tear gas and the OC spray, it is a serious irritant that will result in disorientation and watering of the eyes for any would-be assailant. Containing approximately ten percent of pepper spray and the remainder of the mix is tear gas, this little canister packs a wallop. It’s very effective when used properly by both law enforcement and civilians. It can also disable bears and other animals that may attack.

Mace can be purchased on a key chain that will keep it at the ready at all times. Just attach it to a purse or belt loop and you’ve got it at the ready no matter where you are. The case if made of leather or a hard shell depending on the kind that you choose to buy. You can find it with ten percent pepper spray or pepper guard spray. The spray also contains a special UV dye that will mark your assailant even if they shower. The dye will remain on their skin for many days and law enforcement can easily identify the would-be assailant even if they lie and state that they were elsewhere.

There are several varieties of mace on the market today and you’ll appreciate the variety. From great colors to choose from to those that will glow in the dark, you’re sure to appreciate your options. There is also a safety cap that will keep you from accidentally spraying yourself. This is a huge bonus for anyone who struggles to keep from injuring themselves.

Ideal for a purse or a pocket you can also appreciate that it has a long range of up to 10 feet. It’s also very affordable so you’ll never have to be concerned about going broke to protect yourself.

Keeping it on a key chain is ideal, however, it may draw attention to it. Unfortunately, if you simply toss it into your purse you may not be able to easily locate it when you do need it. It’s vital to have it where you can readily access it so that when you need it you can grab it. Keep in mind that smaller things have a smaller capacity and you may have to replace it once you’ve used it.

All in all, it’s a great thing to use for self-defense and you’ll appreciate how convenient it is. You can’t beat the price and it has many great features that you’ll be able to appreciate. Keep it where you can always reach it and you’ll save time when you do need it. Don’t just toss it in your purse and hope for the best.

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