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Hello from Joint Base Lewis McChord !

Good Evening Readers,

I just wanted to drop in and thank everyone for their business the past couple years as we got set up and learned the process. As some of you know we had a change of duty stations shortly after the business got up and running.

Hard to believe it has been 2 years already. Our best sellers that we recommend to everyone is our Wild Fire Products which just had a major overhaul in how it is made, packaged and rated. The new rating system has made it legal in most states now with the exception of just a couple.

Our WildFire pen is extremely popular because it looks just like a ink pin and looks perfectly normal in your shirt pocket, purse or even laying on your desk. Another is the WildFire Keychain because it is a key chain of course and everyone walks through a parking lot usually is getting the keys out anyway. These days with crime the way it is it just makes sense to carry a non-lethal means of protecting yourself and your family.

In 2018 these two items were our top selling pepper sprays.

We wish everyone a prosperous 2019 and we look forward to serving your security needs.

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