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Hey everybody,

I apologize for the lapse in posting. Things have been a little crazy around here. We appreciate your business and the time you spend browsing our page. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Self-Defense Tactical Pens

To start with, the pens that we offer are for self-defense and stealth tactical use. This is why we like to use an understated black finish and a design that looks just like an ordinary pen.

Second, all of our pens are designed to be very comfortable for carrying and kept to a convenient weight and size. They are not too big, too long, or too heavy. The pens are just the right size and weight for carrying day to day while remaining deadly effective for their intended uses.

Next up, the pens are built while adhering to the strictest standards of durability and quality, unlike a good number of our competitors and their cheap models that will malfunction in a time of crisis, which is when you need them the most. Never risk your life or that of your family or friends by buying a product that is inferior.

Finally, if your pen runs out of ink, ours takes any standard Parker ink refill and will work with the very popular model known as the Fisher Space Pen.

Additional Pen Features

This product features a rugged, heavy duty black aluminum construction. This tactical pen is the number one self defense pen that is available on the market today, hands down. It is always built to the highest police and military grade specifications. It fits easily into the sleeve of a military uniform, making an excellent gift for going away, promotion and even retirement ceremonies.

Just right for concealment, evasive maneuvers and self defense, this tactical pen happens to be multi-functional and is the perfect size at only 6.5 inches long. To make it even better, it is finished using an industrial grade, rugged matte black finish, free of any identifying logo that would otherwise make it obvious that it is a tactical pen instead of a regular pen.

This is the most feature packed tactical pen that you will find today. This pen includes great features that are not otherwise found on other pens, including a bright white LED flashlight, a DNA catch crown that is built in, a glass breaker, a handy belt clip that allows for easy access, jagged and sharp end cap that can be used for self defense and of course, it is also a smooth, hidden writing pen. Order yours today!

When you buy this tactical pen, you will be supporting our family owned business right here in the United States. We are fully committed to helping all of our valued customers as you work to protect the people that you love the most. The majority of our customers will buy tactical pens for protecting their spouses, small children and other loved ones. We have also sold several to military members on base who wanted gifts for their soldiers during award ceremonies.

You can always shop with complete confidence that you are going into a smart decision. Support out small family company today and you will be on your way to protecting yourself and loved ones with our clever tactical pen.

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