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After Christmas

Good Morning,

We hope everyone had an awesome Holiday. I know we ourselves ate far to much but had an awesome day visiting family. Now that the eating is over (Excepts days worth of left overs) it is time to think about PT and getting back in shape. I am sure some of us have gained a few pounds that will need to be lost before the next PT test.

We carry the perfect item in our store called safe lights. They simply clip onto the back of your running shoes and light up while you are running in the early morning or late evening making you visible to traffic. The come in pink, Blue, Red, and Green. They sell in singles so you can mix and match colors when you buy one for each shoe. As you all already know safety belts are already requirements for the PT uniform and I would love to see all of my soldiers wearing these as well.

Whenever you enter a parking lot or garage at night you simply turn on the flashlight and you’ll quickly find your keys so you can open your car door. Once you’re in your car you’ll feel much safer. Think about the times you might have not been seen in the dark and almost been hit by a car. This is where flashing safety lights will be your saving grace.

These LED lights are extra bright in intensity and they are absolutely a must for any bicyclist or jogger. You should also give one to your child or hand one out if you see a stranded motorist. These are so convenient you can wear them on a belt clip, on your wrist, on your arm or even mounted onto a PVC bike mount. I even carry lights that attach to running shoes which are perfect for those early morning and late night military workout sessions.

Just about everybody feels hesitant when they walk into a parking lot or garage at night. I certainly do. This is why I carry a mini LED flashlight with me. It helps with all that I can’t see and it’s easy to carry on a key chain, in a purse or be placed in the glove box. You might even want to keep one on your nightstand or in an emergency kit.

Finally, wouldn’t you be devastated if your pet ran off? Adding an LED safety light to your pet’s collar is the perfect solution to this problem. If your cat or dog wanders off you can see right where they are headed. These pet safety lights come in several vibrant colors that blink and can be seen up to one mile away. Best of all, they are waterproof.

Security lights are like insurance. You hope you never have to use it, but you will be glad to have it in the event something happens.

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